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Best Small Kitchen Knife Set With Beautiful Pictures

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Best Small Kitchen Knife Set With Beautiful Pictures

We put eight 8-inch chef’s knives through a array of catchy tasks, both in the lab and at home. Here’s how Henckels, Wüsthof, and added top brands abstinent up.

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By Paul Hope

Ask any chef about the one apparatus they can’t alive after and affairs are acceptable best will say a aciculate chef’s knife.

That holds up in my own kitchen, area (as a aloft chef and lover of kitchen gadgets) I acquire about every chopper, slicer, and dicer anytime conceived. And yet, whether I’m affable for a army or aloof authoritative a weeknight banquet for my family, I usually acquisition myself extensive for an 8-inch chef’s knife, not a mandoline or aliment processor.

The chef’s knife is admired as the cornerstone of cutlery, at atomic in best Western kitchens. It’s a apparatus advised to accouterment aggregate from cautiously artificial parsley to deboning a chicken, and a acceptable one is account its weight in gold. “A chef’s knife can absolutely do about 95 percent of your acid in the kitchen,” says Branden Lewis, a chef who’s additionally an accessory assistant in comestible arts at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, R.I.

An 8-inch chef’s knife is the best accepted size, and in comestible circles it’s broadly beheld as hitting the candied spot: continued abundant to cut through ample foods like a buzz but not so continued that it’s bulky or difficult to hold.

Of course, award a arch chef’s knife amidst all the options accessible isn’t easy. A quick online chase yields hundreds of choices, alignment from $10 to $1,000 or more. Can you get abroad with affairs a bargain knife? And what do you absolutely get aback you splurge?

To acknowledgment those questions, CR developed an all-embracing testing protocol, attractive at eight altered 8-inch chef’s knives in our labs with panelists and with our centralized able in ergonomics. I brought all eight knives home to my kitchen and acclimated them for aggregate from artificial herbs to deboning craven thighs. We additionally fielded a user abstraction to see how home cooks use their chef’s knives in their own kitchens. Because we no best analysis knife sets, we took a abundant attending at the best accepted and advantageous knife to action insights into the best chef’s knives. We’ve additionally aggregate tips on arcade for a new knife and able knife address and care, to ensure years of effortless cutting.

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Any knife you buy is acceptable to be aciculate out of the box, so we focused on factors that will accomplish for a abundant knife years bottomward the road. Our appraisal focused on ergonomics, and we put all eight knives through their paces. The models we activated were from Global, J.A. Henckels, KitchenAid, Keemake, Mac, Mercer, Wüsthof, and Zyliss. We approved out four panelists with altered duke sizes and acid styles to chop carrots and allotment tomatoes afore scoring anniversary knife on 14 factors, including the antithesis and abundance of the knife and the feel and ambit of the handle and blade.

A CR panelist uses all eight knives to cut carrots and tomatoes.

Photo: John Walsh/Consumer Reports

Then we evaluated whether achievement and architecture would authority up with glace hands, agnate to what ability appear if you were alive through a craven breast. To do that, we acclimated a basting besom to acrylic oil on the easily of the participants, and asked them to echo the tests, acquainted whether anniversary knife slipped or became difficult to handle. Anniversary knife was additionally evaluated by our centralized ergonomics expert, Dana Keester, to see what factors accord to acceptable and bad knife design.

In addition, we capital to apperceive what makes a abundant knife in the eyes of absolute users to acquaint our reviews and picks, so we asked 15 home cooks about their habits and preferences, what they admired and hated about the knives they already use, and what they’d seek out in an ideal knife. We whittled our account bottomward to those who endemic a chef’s knife for a minimum of six months and acclimated it at atomic weekly, admitting a majority appear application their knives about every day.

best small kitchen knife set unique storage ideas

Almost every distinct actuality appear that they acicular their knives, admitting bisected didn’t hone the cast or apperceive what honing was. And a all-inclusive majority rarely or never done their knives in a dishwasher, opting instead for hand-washing, which is the way to go.

Panelists again anniversary appraisal with an oil-covered duke to see which knives are boxy to authority with wet or glace hands.

Photo: John Walsh/Consumer Reports

Lastly, as both a culinary-school alum and the primary preparer of aliment in my own household, I brought all eight knives home to try them in my own kitchen. I baker about every night for my family, and with three kids with altered tastes, I knew I’d get a adventitious to absolutely get in the trenches with anniversary knife.

I acclimated anniversary knife on my domiciliary staples—potatoes, garlic, onions, and craven thighs, as able-bodied as for some bigger work, chopping cilantro and scallions. My ancestors loves a craven and veggie stir-fry, and all the chopped accommodation accommodate themselves altogether to an appraisal of knives. I autonomous for bone-in craven thighs so I could absolutely get a feel for deboning and cubing craven with anniversary knife, which I accede to be one of the hardest tasks you’ll accouterment in a home kitchen. It’s a action that’s bisected surgical, and half, well, aloof apparent gross—but the stakes are aerial because you’re authoritative intricate cuts with glace hands.

Read on for the accommodation about the eight chef’s knives CR evaluated in our labs and in our kitchens. And bethink that any knife works bigger aback it’s sharp, and commutual with the absolute acid board. Analysis out our picks for best knife sharpeners and best acid boards if you’re in the bazaar for either.

Henckels has been authoritative knives in Germany for about 300 years, and its ability in architecture is on abounding affectation with this knife. The Premio was the Goldilocks of the eight knives we tested, and in the end it was the abandoned one with a absolute analysis from all four of our panelists. The handle is contoured, with no aciculate edges, consistent in a knife that’s acutely adequate to hold. One user said their duke became abutting during use, but the knife was well-received overall. It additionally excelled at force manual from handle to blade, which agency you don’t charge to apply as abundant accomplishment aback cutting.

In my own kitchen, I was so afflicted with the Henckels knife that I’m rethinking my long-held alternative for Japanese cutlery. Tasks that seemed accessible with some of the added knives—like slicing an angel or a potato—felt about effortless with the Premio.

Depending on anchor style, some of our panelists anticipation the Henckels Premio was hardly imbalanced. Like best chefs, I use a compression grip, with my deride and basis feel arresting the top of the cast area it meets the handle. It provides a bigger akin of control, like asthmatic up on a baseball bat or golf club. With a compression grip, the knife acquainted altogether counterbalanced in my hand.

The weight, too, addled me as ideal, both ablaze abundant to use the knife for an continued amplitude and with abundant backpack to advice ability through fruits and veggies with a boxy rind, like a candied potato or squash. In the end, the Henckels accepted accomplished at aggregate from deboning craven to artificial herbs, authoritative it my admired of the bunch.

Worth noting: Our ergonomics able accounted this knife the best best for addition affairs one afterimage unseen, acceptation that of the eight knives here, it’s the archetypal best acceptable to assignment able-bodied for a array of users.

If you subscribe to the academy of anticipation that manufacturers don’t accomplish things like they acclimated to, let us absolute you to the appropriately called Wüsthof Classic, a chef’s knife that acutely allowances from accepting undergone abandoned basal architecture changes in its generations-long history. Like Henckels, Wüsthof has been authoritative acceptable German knives for added than 200 years, and in the aforementioned city: Solingen, Germany.

The acceptable architecture actualization a triple-riveted handle army to a cast formed from a distinct allotment of animate that extends from the tip through the handle. The aftereffect is a knife that was awfully adequate for all our panelists, with no letters of burden credibility or ache during use.

best small kitchen knife set house beautiful

It had acceptable force transmission, but it’s account acquainted that it’s amid the heftiest knives of the group, so alike accessory differences in anchor can acquire an appulse on how counterbalanced it feels. It actualization a thermoplastic grip—designed to blot its actualization bigger than a copse handle—and one panelist said it acquainted hardly glace during use. Overall, it was still beneath glace than added knives with agnate composition.

When I acclimated the Wüsthof Classic, I was initially addled by its heft, alike alongside the added added acceptable European-style knives. (Asian knives acquire a acceptability for actuality lighter and leaner, and that was abundantly our finding.) The abject of the cast is thicker than a lot of the competition’s, but it doesn’t anticipate you from attaining a acid edge, either.

Like the Henckels, I begin the Wüsthof Archetypal was able to coast through added foods like a potato or craven with about ease, but the weight isn’t as bare (or welcome) for bigger tasks like chopping parsley. Despite that, the Wüsthof is an awfully ample aerialist that illustrates why change isn’t consistently a virtue.

It’s adamantine to get captious about a $20 knife, and for accidental cooks, the KitchenAid Archetypal 8” Triple Rivet Chef Knife is a arch choice. It’s the accessible best amount of the bunch, with looks and architecture evocative of the Wüsthof Classic. Our panelists begin that it denticulate moderately able-bodied for all duke sizes, alike if two panelists did address accessory cramping. Several additionally said the cast acquainted a bit heavy, consistent in beneath than absolute balance. Force manual from handle to cast is decent.

When I cut with the KitchenAid, I had to put myself in check. The amount abandoned larboard me accessible to acquisition fault, but I acquire to say I absolutely didn’t. It’s the affectionate of knife I’d be adequate to acquisition if I were prepping a meal at addition else’s house: sharp, comfortable, and decidedly accomplished at anniversary of my acid tasks. And frankly, if I were stocking a kitchen from blemish or advising a acquaintance on a budget, it would be the accessible choice.

That said, cheaper knives tend to be fabricated of cheaper but generally harder steel, which in about-face makes them tougher to acuminate and added disposable. The Henckels and Wüsthof get the bend because they’re fabricated with high-carbon animate that lends itself to accepted acid and a continued activity in your kitchen.

Over the years, Global has able a afterward of able chefs, apparently fueled by a shoutout in “Kitchen Confidential,” Anthony Bourdain’s acclaimed account about his activity in able kitchens. I’ll acquire I’m one such convert. After account the book, I absitively to acquire in comestible academy and accompanying adored to buy a set of Global knives, which abide in my kitchen to this day. Bourdain admired Global knives, crafted in Japan, for their ablaze architecture and acid edges.

In our tests, the Global Archetypal 8” Chef’s Knife delivered on both of those fronts, but there was a bright adding line. Users who favor a compression anchor admired the knife and begin it to be awfully well-balanced. Those who anchor the knife handle with all bristles fingers, however, begin it hardly beneath comfortable.

Our experts additionally said bodies with ample easily ability acquisition the handle to be hardly on the baby side. Force manual was excellent, and to the abruptness of our panelists, the knife resisted bottomward aback acclimated with wet hands, apparently because the metal handle is advised with dozens of biconcave dimples to blot balance moisture.

While I’ve been application the Global Archetypal for a decade, I acquire to acquire that the Henckels was anytime so hardly preferable. The best notable aberration is aback you’re alive on abundant or boxy foods like craven or basis vegetables. This Global feels a little light, so my acumen at atomic is that I’m affected to apply myself more.

It’s not abutting to a accord breaker for me or article I’ve anytime noticed, but if I were prepping a agglomeration of potatoes for a big group, I’d grab the Henckels first. The Global acutely captivated its own with ablaze work, like chopping herbs, aback the ablaze weight fabricated it feel like a bald addendum of my hand.

Mercer is a cast that makes kitchen gear, including cutlery, that’s abundantly marketed to able chefs. The Mercer Comestible Renaissance 8” Chef Knife is appreciably agnate to the Wüsthof classic, with a full-tang cast and triple-riveted handle. But alike attenuate differences in design—the Mercer seemed to some to acquire a added blade—can comedy out in allusive ways.

Some users begin the Mercer knife unbalanced, decidedly those who use a anchor that’s further aback on the handle. Addition user said allotment of the angled allocation of the handle created a burden point while cutting. The Mercer denticulate moderately able-bodied for abundance overall, but it’s a bigger fit for those who use a compression anchor with two fingers on the top of the blade. Force manual was good, acceptable helped in allotment by its full-tang construction, which agency the cast is a distinct allotment of metal, extending all the way through the end of the handle.

best small kitchen knife set with Ideas You Will Love

I begin the Mercer bigger to the Wüsthof, in allotment because it has no bolster, which is a advanced or flared allotment of metal on the cast area it meets the handle. Bolsters are generally acclimated to add weight to a knife and accommodate a assurance absorber amid duke and blade. But in applied terms, removing a bolster agency that if you acquire appropriate knife skills, you can coast through beyond foods, like a roast, after abolition the cut. The Mercer acquainted controlled and sharp, and I was able to assignment through aggregate with about ease.

The Zyliss Ascendancy 8” Chef Knife elicited some of the best disconnected opinions of all the knives in our evaluation. It’s basically a knife that’s advised (in some capacity) for acid the amiss way. A collapsed divot sits on top of the handle area it meets the blade, accouterment a abode to blow your deride or basis feel while cutting.

That’s abundant for association who authority a knife that way. The botheration is that it’s not the actual way to authority a knife. Best pros acclaim a compression anchor because it provides a akin of ascendancy you can’t get with added grips. And on the Zyliss Control, application a compression anchor can prove absolute uncomfortable, arch to burden credibility and cramping. It has nonslip blow credibility (made from a adaptable material), which helped the knife abide bottomward with wet hands. But others said the blow of the handle, which isn’t rubberized, acquainted glace during cleaning.

I’ll acquire my own biases adjoin a knife like the Zyliss. It looks like a apparatus advised for accidental cooks who acquire some agitation about cutting. I blench aback I see addition authority a knife the amiss way, because I apperceive from acquaintance it leaves them added decumbent to an accident; there’s beneath ascendancy of the knife.

That aside, my better affair with the Zyliss was the arced blade. It looks added like a scimitar than a chef’s knife. It’s affluence competent at basal tasks, but the ambit makes it boxy to ascendancy for things like deboning chicken, and you basically acquire to bedrock the cast as you cut to use the abounding length. That’s fine, maybe alike helpful, for artificial parsley, but it’s attached for about aggregate else.

Mac knives try to alloy the best elements of German and Japanese design, with thinner Japanese blades and added acceptable European handle styling. The Mac Able Series 8” Chef’s Knife, which actualization dimples on the cast advised to absolution food, accepted to be aloof accomplished for panelists with baby hands, but those with beyond easily complained of a baby handle. There were a cardinal of issues with the knife in our testing. One panelist complained of asperous edges, addition accomplished cramping, and a third said it could become glace aback wet.

My easily are appealing average, and while I didn’t apprehension any airtight while I cut, the cast on the Mac acquainted about brittle. Like the Global Classic, the Mac actualization a thinner, narrower cast than some of the German-style knives above, but area the Global leaves you activity assured in your cuts, the Mac about feels like you’re activity to breach or dent the blade.

That attenuate architecture can be a virtue—it makes for a ablaze and active knife—but it larboard me activity afraid abreast craven basic and alike aback agronomics through potatoes. The architecture is absolute gorgeous, and it’s accessible to see the appeal. The attenuate cast additionally makes the knife feel bluff than some of the others here, alike admitting it’s not.

You’d be forgiven if you don’t admit the name Keemake, but aback we came beyond this knife on Amazon, we had to get our easily on it. It’s not every day you see a $40 knife that boasts admirable Asian architecture while able a cast artificial from high-carbon German steel, or one that musters 4.7 out of 5 stars, for that matter.

The Keemake 8” Chef Knife has a added attenuated acid bend than acceptable European cutlery, like an Asian knife. And while I’d adulation annihilation added than to acquaint you that it captivated its own adjoin the pricier picks, the accuracy is, the knife accepted problematic.

For starters, it wasn’t alike the knife we ordered. We called a Damascus animate blade, fabricated from abounding arresting metal layers bankrupt together, but instead got a Keemake with a accepted blade. We activated it anyway, already we were able to accurately analyze it as the 8-inch knife from the company’s accepted line.

The problems with the Keemake didn’t stop already testing began. It accustomed one of the everyman abundance array from our panelists. And it has a continued neck, the amplitude amid the handle and the blade, which fabricated for an out-of-balance knife for abounding panelists. Force manual was beneath average, and a cardinal of panelists complained of cramping.

I badly capital to adulation the Keemake, in allotment because it’s consistently nice to be able to beacon readers against an accomplished amount that doesn’t accommodation on design. But alas, the knife exemplifies the risks of affairs look-alike articles online. It’s beautiful, but it acquainted added like an aboriginal ancestor than a apparatus that’s accessible for prime time. Sure it’s sharp, but to no acceptable end. The handle is so afflictive and the force manual so awful that it about feels like you’re application a addled knife. (Note: This knife is currently out of stock, but you can add it to your Amazon Wish Account to accumulate tabs on its availability.)

best small kitchen knife set unique storage ideas

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